May 2014 Bulletin

I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with our latest 11-16 development news. It is only a few weeks since the last bulletin, but matters are progressing very rapidly. From discussions with parents/ carers, staff, pupils and governors, we have worked towards a curriculum for Key Stage 4 that will suit our range of learners. We will publish the curriculum shortly but in the meantime there will be further discussions with parents at the Parent Forum Meeting on Tuesday 3 June 2014 at 7.00 pm.

On page 2, you will see a full summary of the consultation that we recently ran around our admission criteria for 2015-16. Only 4.4% of responses disagreed with the proposals and consequently, governors have agreed for an admission number of 240 with the criteria as stated within the consultation. It is important to note that from 2015, pupils living outside the catchment area are unlikely to be given a place at Brockington College. We are disappointed that this is likely to be the case, but the decision to ultimately be an 11-16 school for 1,200 rather than 1,500 pupils has resulted in this likelihood.

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