Claire Lomas – Finding My Feet

Claire Lomas to return to visit Brockington College to say thank you to the “Champion” school. Claire’s book ‘Finding My Feet’ is released soon and features Brockington College… Please find a couple of excerpts below:


Jo organised the optional fun-run, and over 90% of the pupils got involved. I had messages from pupils on Twitter after my visit; they were so keen to help raise money, and their enthusiasm was such a boost for me. “You have changed the way I think.” “You are inspirational, I want to help” and “I have learned so much today.”

I was stunned by their reactions and it made me want to continue to visit schools. I made another trip over to Brockington College to watch the kids do the fun-run and Maisie enjoyed seeing the kids run laps of the school grounds. It was fancy dress and what struck me were all the smiles these kids had on their faces whilst raising money for a fantastic charity. As they ran past me they waved and shouted how many laps they had done. It was a pleasure to see even the less sporty ones getting involved and enjoying the running.

My visit to Brockington ended up having a huge influence on my decision for the next fundraising challenge.

We decided that filming my school talk at Brockington College was a great idea too, and they could film me chatting with the pupils about the Olympics and Paralympics.

It was my first talk to a large group and I was being filmed by national TV as well as the local BBC news. Of course it was intimidating, but I decided that I must thrive on the pressure because I found myself in many situations like this.

As soon as I arrived I met Jo, and she showed me where I would be speaking. Sue and a member of staff helped me carry Fred to the hall. As Jo and I were heading to the hall we passed a girl, who slowed down and looked overcome then muttered, “It’s Claire!” “Hi,” I said smiling at her. It felt really odd, but she had watched the marathon updates on TV and looked genuinely star-struck. I couldn’t get my head around this; all I had done was walk slowly around London; the money raised had come from the thousands of people who had kindly donated.