December 2013 Bulletin

I am sure you will be delighted to hear, that we have just been notified by the Department for Education, that our Business Case for age range change has been approved. This will allow us to convert to an 11-16 secondary school from September 2015. Consequently, our current Year 8 pupils and subsequent Year Groups will be able to study for
their GCSE and equivalent qualifications at Brockington College and remain at the college up to the age of 16 (end of Year 11).

I am really pleased that we will be able to offer continuity of education to our pupils in the future, which will have a significant impact upon GCSE results for pupils living in the community. The change of age range will also result in less travelling time for pupils, which in turn will have a positive educational impact and a significant saving for parents, as free transport in the future will only be to the nearest school, if over three miles from the home.

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