November 2013 Bulletin

Parents/carers will be receiving their child’s first report of the academic year shortly (Friday 13 December). As a school, we monitor closely the performance of all our pupils and we are able to say that the progress being made by the vast majority of pupils is excellent, as is their attitude to learning.

These are two critical elements that parents/carers can check for their child in the following ways:
For each subject, has your child reached or are they close to their sub-target? This is the level that they should have currently attained to be on course to reach their end of Year 9 target. The final target for each pupil is two full levels on from the start of Year 7 e.g. Y6 Maths SATS of 5b = Maths target of 7b for the end of Year 9. This amount of progress, if made, is well above the expected level of progress for pupils.

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