April & May Bulletin

As you will have read in my recent letter, the 11-16 consultation process returned a very clear message from the community that there is large scale support for Brockington College becoming an all through secondary school and offering education up to the age of 16. The Governors of the college share this view unanimously and are committed to extending the age range of the college in order to develop continuity of provision for the children of the local area, with direct educational benefits.

We are currently compiling a business case for a change of age range status, which we will forward in due course to the Government. The business case will contain our plans for age range change, alongside the reasons why a move to 11-16 schooling will have a direct positive impact upon the education of the children within the locality.

Although we are making plans for how we can better serve pupils in the future, I can assure you that the primary focus of governors, senior leaders, middle leaders, teachers and support staff is upon the pupils that we currently serve. As a measure of our current performance, self-evaluation shows that the college has exceptionally high standards within the four areas measured by Ofsted. This rigorous self-evaluation is based upon lesson observations, pupil work reviews, marking reviews, staff feedback, pupils conversations, governors evaluation and parental feedback. We want to provide the best education that we can for our current pupils and to develop further as we serve pupils of the future.

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