Every Child Can Make Their Mark – with Artist Anna Cottage

On 4th February Brockington College was lucky enough to welcome back the artist Anna Cottage who last year ran a workshop with a group of 13 gifted and talented pupils who were introduced to the process of mono printing. This year it was for a week-long visit and a hugely ambitious project to create 6 very large canvas mono prints (possibly the largest ever produced!!) involving every single pupil in the school making their mark and staff as well!

IMG_2735 (Custom)

It was a very busy week and hugely enjoyable for all concerned, staff and students alike. Each day 6 GAT pupils were selected as assistants to help make and roll paint on to the large-scale mono plates and all classes were able to come along and make their mark on the canvases with objects and instruments not usually considered to be drawing tools. All groups (approximately 900 pupils) worked with great enthusiasm producing marks by using a variety of different objects from toy cars, tractors, a scooter, marbles, tennis, footballs, bowling and bouncy balls to a small pushchair and supermarket trolley!!They gradually built up layers of colours creating some hugely successful, fantastic prints that are going to be displayed in our courtyard.

Anna’s enthusiasm and energy was infectious and the children were inspired by her. They were able to recognise, with her teaching, that art and drawing does not just have to be with conventional tools such as pencils and paintbrushes and were excited to see the prints that were produced.

IMG_2573 (Custom)Some pupil evaluations;

‘I have enjoyed doing this because it is something different and I have never done anything like it before. I’ve never seen this type of Art before so it was fun. It was good helping out and helping Anna and has been a great experience. Thank You Anna’

‘Today I thought was really fun. I have never done something like this before, so it’s a new experience. I loved how we got to use marbles, bouncy balls and toy cars. I would love to do this again’

‘On 6th February we took part in the Make your Mark Art activity and it was EPIC. I loved making marks on a piece that had paint under it and I liked the teacher as she explained everything well and fully. I would like to do ‘action art’ again as I have never done anything like it.’

IMG_2682 (Custom)‘Thank you for a lovely lesson – I would like to do that more often. ACTION ART IS AWESOME’

‘I think ‘action art’ is interesting and fun. Because all the actions are different, every piece is unique. It’s a good way of experimenting and finding out which colours work well together. It’s a fun activity to do as a group, but is also fun to do as an individual. I really enjoyed it and would happily do it again’

‘What has happened today has opened my mind to the different kinds of art and I thoroughly enjoyed using a variety of objects and colours. It’s great to see how the green print has changed over the course of the day into what it is now! It has been great and I wish I could do it tomorrow. I think it is amazing and it would be good if it went in the Guinness book of records for largest mono print. I have been inspired!’

On Monday 4th March these were hung on display in the courtyard and look amazing!!