From years 7 to 9, pupils follow a three year course that is designed to consolidate and develop the skills and knowledge they have acquired at primary school, and prepare pupils for the rigour of GCSE study.

In years 10 and 11, pupils study for two GCSEs in English. The first, GCSE English Language, assesses their ability to read and analyse unseen texts, as well as their writing skills. The second, GCSE English Literature, involved the study of three literary texts and an anthology of poetry, and assesses their ability to analyse and express their opinion on character, plot and theme.

Throughout their time at Brockington, we aim to ensure that pupils acquire the skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively, both orally and in writing. We also encourage pupils to develop a love for reading by introducing them to a wide range of texts – both literary and non-literary.

Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes throughout their time at Brockington. Teachers and support staff are focused on ensuring that pupils from across the ability range get the support and challenge they need. Through the delivery of quality first teaching in lessons, we aim to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential in English.

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