Green Travel

Brockington College is a Green Flag school and has a Green Travel Plan.

It is committed to helping create a greener future. We would really like your help with this, so
before you set off for school think do you really need your parents/carer to drive you or could you get travel to school by a different method? There are many different options available to you, they include:

  1. Walking to school
  2. Car sharing- Do you live very close to someone else who comes to Brockington? Or do you drive past another student’s house on your journey? If so, why not share lifts to school – you could use just one car instead of two or three.
  3. Cycling – Brockington currently has around 150 spaces for pupils who wish to cycle to school, and we are soon hoping to add more. When you start at Brockington you can apply for a permit which will allow you to bike to school. You cannot bring a bike unless you have a permit!
  4. Catch a bus – The Number 50 runs regularly to school along Narborough Road,
  5. Just think of the extra benefits if you used one of these methods to get to school

a) Help your parents save money by reducing fuel costs
b) Reduce the CO2 emissions polluting the environment
c) Get to spend extra quality time with your friends as you travel to school
d) If you walk or bike you can help keep yourself fit and healthy with a few minutes extra exercise
e) Walking or biking to school will also help your body produce vitamin D, as you are out in the daylight. Vitamin D helps your body regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate it produces. These are both needed to help keep your bones and teeth healthy.

So before you get that lift, think twice do you really need it? Just remember all those benefits you’ll be missing!