Day 6 – Happy birthday Molly ;)
Today was our lie in day, We got up at 8 and had breakfast for half past, Then left for a morning at the shopping centre. We enjoyed spending our money especially on lots of food and snacks for the safari on the weekend. As soon as we got back we managed to have some time in the garden to relax, sunbath and also rugby. At about half 3 we got stuck in packing and sorting the suitcases to give away to the school and to a squatter camp. Another day of work at the local school tomorrow, whilst enjoying Mandela day with the children.

Georgia – Hi all, hope your not missing me too much;) Hope you’re enjoying the weather mum and dad, Really enjoying myself here in South Africa and another fab week to come looking forward to it. Love and miss you lots x

Lucy – Hello everyone, hope your enjoying Oslo mum and dad, even though I’m not there;). Bet your days are really boring without me Emily;). South Africa is amazing! Love you lots x

Molly- hi everyone, been a bit of a chilled day today, feels weird not being with my family on my birthday, but pretty amazing to be in South Africa !! Actually had a chance to do a bit of sunbathing, and chill in the sun today.Miss you all , hope your enjoying my birthday without me ;). P.s no, ruby can’t sleep in my bed ;) xxxx