Hey everybody,

Today was a tiring day as we spent the whole day travelling, on a coach, plane and a lot of walking too! The coach journey was longer than we expected as it took us 3 and a half hours to get to Heathrow! Then when we got there, there was a lot of waiting around for people to get checked in and through security. Both plane journeys were exhausting but they did take less time than expected. By this point we just wanted to get there.
When finally arriving at the villa, we noticed that it was absolutely amazing! It has computers, a pool, balconies, fire pit/ camp fire, outside lounging area and WIFI :)
We all feel prepared and immensely excited about the events coming up, Soweto tomorrow should be fun during the tour and especially seeing where Nelson Mandela lived!

Ellie Creed ~ I miss you all so much already especially my doggies;) Skye, Boe and Stanley xx love you millions speak soon <3 xxxxx

Ollie McAllister ~ Missing the McAllister Crew already, hope your all having fun without me. Loves you xxxx

Nicole Wenlock ~ Missing the Wenlocks huge amounts! Thanks for the extra packs of biscuits mother;) Hope your having fun without me but not too much;) Love you all lots&lots, speak soon:*xxx