Dear Parents,
Hope you’re all ok, and not missing us too much, although we doubt that.
So today we visited Soweto and looked at how the Apartheid affected (and still does) black civillians living in South
Africa and how many people died because of it.It was shocking to see how badly people were treated during the Apartheid and the inequalities and segregation in South Africa based on the colour of peoples skin.In Soweto we saw the place where the student protests happened,and the poorest parts where people were living in tiny rusty tin shacks, that must have been freezing at this time of year! We then visited a museum,where we looked at the rise of the protests in 1976 where Hector Pieterson was killed; he was a 13 year old boy shot by the police for his participation in the protest marches. After walking the very same path and spot where Hector was shot, we visited Nelson Mandelas house! There we toured his house, where he lived and consulted with fellow protesters. It had bullet holes in the walls where his house had been attacked by police.

We then caught the bus to a traditional resturant called Chaf Pozi (based at the bottom of the two famous cooling towers) where we had chicken, sausage and some other stuff like their traditional staple food dish: ‘Pap’, whilst people bungee jumped above our heads!
We then stopped off at the FNB football stadium in which the world cup final was held in 2010!
As the day went on we travelled to the Apartied museum where I (Jack) and walked round with the teachers and I
definately learnt a lot and I’m sure we all did!

Overall, a very educational day learning about white/black segregation and seeing many of this beautiful countries sights.
Having THE best time ever!

Hello people at home, Mum I know your probably worrying about me getting myself into lots of trouble, no need!
This is because I basically always am finding myself in a pickle… Miss you all, I’m sorry for not texting but tbh I can’t really be bothered.
I love you though, a lot! Thanks for all your support to get me here, I couldnt be happier! – Jack

Hi all at home. I hope Eddie isnt being too much of a pain he will be at PGL soon so just a few more days of him yet then its peace and quiet for both of you dad and Kath. I’m having a great time here but still missing you a lot. Hope you are all ok and following my progress via the blog. I hope Blue, Lexie, rabbits and pigs are fine and that Blue is missing me alot. Thanks for everything. lots of love from George xxxxxx

Hi Mummy, Gray, Billy and Alfie, its so good to hear from all of you. Thankyou for keeping my bed warm little Bill, and I love you too Alfie.
hope youre being good at school baby. Gray, i love and miss you millions cant wait to see you baby!
I love you loads mum. Thankyou for everything ! Be good xxx – Ciya

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