Yet again, we started off our day with a 6:15 wake up call. Breakfast and on the coach was smooth as per. Before we knew it, we were back at school, heavily blistered, but ready to go. Determined to complete our unfinished task from yesterday, we cracked on with the mammoth task of finishing the landscape pathway. Blistered hands and aching muscles, we ploughed on-if you’ll pardon the pun. Hours later, we emerged from the dust, pathway COMPLETE. We gathered as one, and enjoyed our united moment of victory. The children shared in our joy, and we played a friendly game of football. While these merriments had been taking place, dumb and dumber (Marsden and Dunmore) had been slaving away on the rotivator, a vital piece of machinery that might been handy 48 hours ago. All jokes aside, the rotivator will be highly useful for the community garden, and the school going forward. After that we continued to pound through the titanium like soil with our mighty pickaxes- generously donated by grumpy, dopey and Marsden. Later in the afternoon after lunch, a task fell upon us, then we spent the next two hours unraveling and tidying garden nets. As well as planting much needed vegetables in the on site garden. We then, as a team, journeyed back to hotel. Much needed showers followed. After 3 days of hard graft, we look forward to a much longer sleep, and the chance to spend your money.


Alex- Hi family having a fairly amazing time , hope banter still flowing without me. Having a good time here in South Africa, hope everything well at home , see you soon x

Charlie-hey guys, hope it’s going alright without me, I can imagine the endless tears flowing without my godly presence. Hope you’re all okay, and I hope Caesar is coping without his master/ruler//overlord. Love you all x

Ellie- hello everyone, hope you are having a good time at home and not missing me to much. I hope your enjoying the sun, miss you loads. See you soon. love you all Ellie xx