Tiring day. Started off with another 6:15am wake up by the teachers. After breakfast we got on the coach to travel to Zama Montessori (the school) to continue with our work.  We were greeted by a swarm of children, all of which had open arms! It was so welcoming! To warm up, the group took a quick run around the school grounds. Once we’d finished, we started our work by picking up weeds, moving rocks, digging paths and collecting soil for plants to be potted. It was exhausting. Lots of the local children got stuck in and helped with the work load. During lunch we were taught songs and dances by the children. After lunch, we began digging the path for the new garden. It took several hours, litres of sweat and hands full of blisters for it to be done, but it was all worth it. The old roof was being taken off for the new one to go on by some builders. By the end of the project we are aiming to create an amphitheater, climbing frames, paths, tunnels, a bridge and tire swings. When we got back to the hotel, all members of the group were covered in dust and dirt. It took a lot of hot water to remove it and the smell! So far, everyone has enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to the following days and weeks.

Edan-  Having an amazing time so far and missing friends and family. Hope everyone is okay and enjoying their holidays. Love you all lots xxx

Adam- everything has been great so far,looking forward to the next couple of days.Been missing all of you lots .love you bye

Lucy G- Hi, how is everything at home? I have had an amazing time here and do not want to leave- no offence. I am missing you all so much and can’t wait to speak soon. All my love xxx