Different kind of day today (with the same wake up call), as we were starting our day with a visit to a Squatter Camp. We arrived at the Squatter Camp School and met some staff there and the children. We didn’t stay for very long, as we then journeyed around the surrounding Squatter Camp. The conditions were appalling and it was an incredibly emotional experience for us all, especially considering many of the children were born HIV Positive. We went back to the Squatter Camp School and began to hand out the suitcases. As a thank you gesture, all staff, mothers and children sang many heartwarming songs which we all were all very grateful of, making us very tearful! During the songs, we all realised who we were helping and how much of a difference we have made so far. Collectively, we all realised how fortunate we are in our daily lives and that we should appreciate all that we have. Some of us played with the younger children (Erin had a water fight with a boy and lost!!). Later, we organised all donations ready for the hand out- it was an amazing experience seeing all of our donations going to needy people. During our incredibly emotional goodbyes, everyone was so happy and touched, as we went away from this experience as better people.

We travelled back to the school, to continue with the hard graft. Greeted by many children, we began with some games that they have taught us and the usual daily football game! We continued to add many stones into the pathway in their garden, whilst the builders continued renovating the building.

The Squatter Camp was a life-changing experience for us all (as cheesy as it sounds) and we will definitely treasure it for the rest of our lives- the tears proved it!


Karina- Hi all, hope everything is going swiftly without me, missing you all loads, this trip has flown by so far! See you all soon, love Karina xx

Erin- Hello everyone, hope you’re well. Today’s been very emotional for us all, I didn’t think I’d get so choked up! Missing you, lots of love. Erin x

Josh-Sawubona everyone! Hope you’re all OK back home? I’m missing my family endlessly and I also hope my presence isn’t being missed too much. Love you all back home, Josh x