Usual morning, ready to leave the hotel by 7:30. We started of the day by going back to the school and began to split up into groups. We then worked helping the children in different school activities. After that, we were treated to a lovely musical performance by some of the kids at the school. We were thrilled at the performance and then we were asked to tell them a bit about Brockington. We all gathered and settled down with the children to listen to two south African stories told by the head teacher of the school. When the stories were finished we all headed back to the bus to eat our lunch then head back to the squatter camp. After having a quick stop to buy some food, drink and soap to take to the Squatter Camp School, the team all surprised the woman that was head of the center as she didn’t know we were coming. All the children ran up to the bus and greeted us with hugs. Also Lucy managed to successfully avoid a water fight unlike Erin yesterday. After we played with the children for a while we kindly got shown how the woman collect and carry the water for the school, this was tough and we all experienced how hard carrying the water was. When we gave them the items we had brought, we listen to some of the prayers that the mothers had wrote. Over all it was a very humbling day and we got back to the hotel for a refreshing shower and time to relax and sunbathe.

Georgia- Hello all, having an amazing time here only 4 days left missing you lots, but don’t want to leave this trip. It has been a massive eye opener and I will remember it for a lifetime, so happy we have all been able to help the schools and people.

Ellie- Hi all, only 4 days until were going to be home. The trip has gone so fast but it has been an amazing experience to help the people and the school. Cant wait to see you. Miss you loads xx

Alex- Hi everyone, having an amazing time and it’s gone so fast. It’s been a life changing experience and I can’t wait to get back and see everyone. x