Hi all. Had another amazing day here in sunny Jo’burg! Today we did the Soweto tour, we were all very excited!
First of all we went through Soweto and travelled down richman, poor man street which was an eye opener for everyone. Richman, poor man street is a street where on one side the houses are owned by multi millionaires and on the other side very poor people. We also drove by the poorest part of S.A. It was so shocking and also upsetting/humbling experience. We saw the people living in shanties where there was no running water. It makes you realise just how lucky you are. Then we went to the Hector Pieterson museum who was a thirteen year old boy (so roughly our age). He got shot for standing up for his own rights. This was very emotional and hard hitting. We then went for lunch, the deserts were lovely. We also got some street entertainment. Next, we went to Nelson Mandella’s house which was very interesting as they displayed it really well. We learnt about him and his family and were privileged enough to go inside his house. After that we went to Soccer City, which the capacity was 94,000+. This was the stadium where the World Cup 2010 was held. This was an exceptional experience as we were allowed onto the pitch through the players tunnel, around the changing rooms (which weren’t as smelly as the boys room back at the hotel). We even got to sit where the managers would have sat!! Last of all, we went to the Apartheid Museum this has awesome displays and information. We got to learn about the separation of the blacks, coloured and whites. It was very educational and it definitely hit home. We also got to learn a lot more about Mandella and got to chose our favourite quotes that he had said.
Jasmine – hey everyone back home! Hope you are all ok? Thank you for the messages they really meant a lot. I’m fine, thank you all for asking. Hope you all are too? Have a good time on your holidays, love and miss you lots see you soon <3
Brad – hey famalam ;) missing you all, good to know I’m missed and I miss you too loads! Having an amazing time here but it would be better if you were here. Going to start work on the school tomorrow so will be hard work! Love you all (even Charli)! Don’t worry Dylan has Charli to play footie with ;)
Steph – hi all! Not going to do a mum and dad and write everything IN CAPITALS. Hi grandma and grandpa if you have managed to figure it out. I’m having an amazing time it’s really really fun! Tara you would love the pool, but we aren’t allowed in it as it’s too cold. We are off to school tomorrow so that will be great! See you soon, lots of love Steph xx