Hi everyone,

The excitement was building as everyone arrived at school but also the reality of the challenge ahead. After the first round of farewell’s from parents, we all got stuck in- filling the donation suitcases, which wasn’t always the easiest due to the weight allowance.
Before we knew it we had eaten our lunch and were nearly ready to meet our anxious family members and friends outside. At the bus saying goodbye wasn’t easy especially for some (yes you Kerry Kitchen, we’re looking at you.) After the few tears were shed, we set off on the surprisingly short hour and a half journey to Heathrow. Meanwhile, in the airport it was not so easy. Apart from the many suitcases that were blocking the aisles and the never ending wait to go through security and to get some food (Huxley’s is recommended if ever at Heathrow?!), the airport was quite enjoyable.

Then the moment came, we were suddenly halfway down the runway ready to head to Africa. The first 20 minutes flew by, everybody laughing and buzzing but the next 10 bleeding years….oooh sorry hours… it was like watching paint dry!!! The technical TV difficulties didn’t exactly boost morale. Cheers British Airways. Finally, the time came… we landed, we landed. YESSSS. The paint had finally dried. Blue sky outside, bet you haven’t got that back home?! The short bus journey to the hotel was brilliant. Made brilliant by Johnny the driver. His laugh was infectious and he even knew the champions of England. I’ll leave you to work that one out!

After we left Johnny, we had a short time to settle in and check out the scenery. But then, before we knew it, we were creating our performance for the children tomorrow. (Stay tuned.) That brings us to now where we’re just relaxing and getting ready for dinner.

We’re all craving a good night sleep and looking forward to tomorrow.

We’ll see you then.

The Africa Team.
(Bailey and Phoebe)
Bailey- Hi guys, missing me yet. I’m missing you all but having a great time at the same time. See you soon. Love Bailes

Phoebe- Heycha fammo, hope you’re doing good! Miss ya xx


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