Hey everyone,

It was the second day of Safari today and it was amazing, though we did have to get up at 5.15am :( and it was absolutely FREEZING, we were like penguins huddled up together to keep warm.

The hotel was amazeballs, we all had our own ensuite and loads of freebies.

The safari was wonderful! We saw a lot of lions, and even 4 cubs playing wit their older brother, we all got a  of photos and now we have spectacular memories! We spotted two jackals, Giraffes, wart hogs and wildebeasts, ostrich, hippos and zebras. As we began to warm up the safari came to an end. We all enjoyed the experience just like all the others. When we arrived back at the hotel there was a delicious, hot breakfast waiting for us which included everything under the sun from bacon pancakes. The journey home seemed to pass very quickly as most of us were tired we slept for most of the way, we awoke to find we had stopped at the market again for more bartering ;) After buying even more souvenirs, we continued on our journey back to hotel.  When we arrived back at the hotel, some people played rugby some people sunbathed as we needed a well earned rest (due to the early morning).

Sorry the blog is late but we have had another power cut.

Ellie Creed – the weekend has been amazing especially today as we saw the lion cubs, they were so cute! I’m still missing everyone so much xx love you all Mum, Dad, Shauna, Shannon, Skye, Boe, Stanley, Larry and Malcolm xxx <3 <3 <3

Ollie – hey everyone, safari was amazing, the trip so far has been  a real eye opening experience, hope your’re all ok, can’t wait to tell you about what I’ve been up to, miss you all, love you mum, dad, dais and dottie x

Nicky – Hiya everyone, Safari was amazing, something both of you would have enjoyed! I have enough photos to fill a photo album so you can share my experience too, I

miss you so much! This trip is changing my life! Love you mum and dad<3