Hi everyone…due to limited internet access the blog duty today lands with me (Miss Heggs).
After a late wake up call of 8am this morning and a leisurely breakfast we embarked upon our journey to Pilansberg for our first day of Safari. Everyone was excited and hopeful that we would get to see some amazing animals in their natural habitat.
After a couple of hours driving with Louis and Jonny we stopped at a service station. It had a number of restaurants and also a huge market place. Where lots of us bartered for goods and souvenirs to bring home. It was our first real experience of the hustle and bustle of African markets. After an hour rest break and a small bite to eat we were back on the road. A further hour and a half later we arrived at our lodgings. As soon as we entered the park we saw zebra and wildebeest in the distance, a great start to our stay!
After checking into our luxury hotel, we set out on our afternoon game drive. The drive was supposed to last for 3 hours but we stayed out for 4 1/2 hours and got to see some fantastic animals at night time too! Within minutes of the drive we had already seen giraffe and rhino. It was to go on to be a very lucky and successful experience for us all. We went on to see elephant, ostrich, impala, eland, hippo, leopard, and we finished the evening with a lioness and cub and later a lone male lion. Everyone was in awe of what we were seeing and all within metres of our trucks. One group was also lucky enough to see a hyena.
With a 5.15am wake up call beckoning in the morning we have all turned in for the night, but I am sure, despite the excitement of what is to come tomorrow, we will all sleep well! Just the buffalo to track tomorrow and then we will have seen all of the big 5 :)
Photos to follow tomorrow…