Had a life changing experience, seeing the things in the schools and squatter camps it has been a trip i will never forget withloads of memories and funny moments. Had a great two weeks with everyone.
(Elliott Pope)

South Africa has been great i have seen so many amazing things that will stay with me forever. its been amazing and i have made so many great memory’s it has been the best two weeks of my life

Wow what a brill trip i have had!!!! I will always have the memories that i have made and i will never forget them. I will appreciate my life more and enjoy every moment i can. ( Molly Marshall )

Wicked trip… being able to help so many people’s lives has been amazing! It’s been great to experience it with such a great group of people and I’ve made so many new friends!! (Phoebe Howe)

It was an amazing and definitely once in a lifetime. It is so much different to England and everything was a new experience. Even trying those pig trotters. I would love to visit again when i am older and i loved 2 weeks there. (Ellie-Mai Webster)

The one thing I’ll never forget is that in comparison to us, these people have virtually nothing, yet they are so much more grateful and happy for what they have, or don’t have. Makes you think about the little things. (Kayleigh Wiltshire-Brown)

For me, i think seeing the faces of the families we handed out clothes too will stay with me. Its been amazing, and id love to o again, sad that its over but glad to be home – Ciya Tyers

The friends i made at the school will forever stay in my head. The children were so welcoming and happy and i loved them!-Keelan-

So far this has been the best experience of my life. I will never forget the people I met especially from Zama they were all o welcoming and nothing could compare to it – Beth Swain

All good things must come to an end – it has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have loved every minute of it. I think the part I will remember the most will be the children at Zama and how welcoming they have been. I will never forget this trip. – George Bryan

The past two weeks were some of the best of my life which i will never forget. I have learnt so much on this trip and it will always stay with me, along with all the people i have met along the way – Georgia Moore

This holiday has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and it has definitely been that! We have met some amazing people, seen some amazing things and created memory’s. Thanks all for a lovely trip. -Megan-

Titanic in the mornings, kasabian by the bench at night, dead giraffes on safari, hilarious rooms, exhaustion every single day, r482 hats, giant cups of tea in the sink, flooded corridors, hair gel cocktail, massive biscuit, toilet by candlelight, best two weeks ever. -James

Changed person as from now, just to look out the bus window to see all the poverty… To know that out in the big world there are children that will be lucky to take medication to treat HIV if they manage to walk miles to get food. Also the special people I met that I will never forget for as long as I live and miss with all my heart. I feel inspired and every single day that feeling grew on this trip, thank you. – Jack

This trip is definitely one to remember! From making new friends, going on a safari, learning how to play new instruments, finding about the South Africa culture to making a difference in someone’s life. It has been an amazing experience and a once in a lifetime oppertunity! – Reesha

this trip is one no one will forget meeting and making new friends to look back and see you have made someones life a little better it has definitely changed are lifes and made us see a different way -lillie-ann

This trip has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will never forget the people I have met and the things i have seen. I have loved every minute of it and i will miss it loads.- Ted

this trip has changed the way i look on the world seeing how the people in the squatter camp live compared to how we do is mindblowing. i would just like to say a big thank you to miss heggs for allowing this to happen and that i and everyone else has enjoyed it so much.- Elliott Malkin

These 17 days of changed my life forever. The happiness of everyone and our spirit got us through. Helping the families I will never forget. And as we’d all say bare sick.- Bailey Kitchen.

The trip has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and i will definitely be going back when i’m older. This has been one of the best things that i will do in my life- Eliot Morris

South Africa is one of the most amazing experiences i will ever go on, i appreciate everything i have much more and i have met some amazing people, thanks to everyone -to me, AJ Lee

South Africa has been an amazing experience that i will never forget, ive seen some upsetting sites, but overall all its been a trip of a life time, thankyou to everyone- Maisie Wallbank

i honestly can’t put into words how much this trip has meant to me, It has changed the way I think about life and these memories will stay with me forever. I cant thank everyone enough for the help they gave me to have this experience, I’ll never forget it, Natasanha Bourne

The last two weeks have been so emotional but so rewarding and is definatley an experience i will never forget!- Emma Johnson

the pat two weeks have been emotional but very life changing to all of us this experiance will stay with me for life and i well never forget the things i have been taught -tia elliott

thank you to everyone who made this trip possible.amazing people and amazing memories to never be forgotten,such an amazing expirience i will treasure forever-jess