Dear Parents

Today was our ‘lie in’ 7:00 wake up time but it was fine because we had muffins at breakfast.

We got started unpacking all the donated cases into loads of piles depending what they were. When they were in groups we split them in half one for the squatter camp and one for the village near the school.
There was a bit of everything in each case like clothes of different ages, toys and toiletries. It was a struggle working what size fitted each age range especially the teenage girls and women. We finished this after an hour.
They had all been repacked and all the stationary and sports equipment had been put into bags for the school. There was hundreds of pencils, calculators and notebooks (hopefully they like maths).

At 11 the taxis came to pick us up because we were going to the shopping mall. The taxi I (beth) was in let us put our own music on the radio the taxi driver said he liked the music that Emma played.
When we got to the shopping centre we couldn’t believe how much it was like high cross. As a group we noticed that even in the shopping centre there was still a difference between people because the shoppers were mostly all white and the people who were serving us were mostly black.
All the workers were really friendly and tried to help us as best we could. I (megan) was just standing there and they kept asking me what they could do when we were in a shop even though I was just waiting for people, Georgia was taking forever.
It was nice for people to have such good manners.

There was a type of debenhams which had makeup stands.Suprise surprise alot of girls were carrying mac bags by the end of the day. A lot of people stocked up on food mostly sweets and chocolate but the currency was very confusing especially when some boxes of sweets were 50 rand.

Overall it was a good day, but we are looking forward to seeing the school children again tomorrow.

Hi everyone, missing you lots but I’m all good here not getting into any trouble and have loads of fun even though its only day 4. Mum, dad and Katie hope your not having to much fun without me on holiday. Loving your messages in the enevlopes especially Katie’s. Missing you all loads
Lots and lots of love Beth xxxxx ps mum I should have put in the extra packet of biscuits

Hi everybody at home, I am having such a lovely time and learning new things everyday. Wish you could be here to experience, the lovely things I am doing miss you all and see you when I get home. Lots of love and hugs
Meg xx P.s thanks mummy for the lovely messges I have been getting evey morning in my money envelopes :)

Hi everyone at home, missing all of you lots and can’t wait to see you when i get back. I’m having a great time here and enjoying every minute of it, I just wish you were all here with me. I’m learning so much and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Mum, Dad and Joe I hope you are all ok, and not missing me too much, see you soon lots of love from Georgia <3 xxx

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