Guess what…we had an early start. We hopped aboard the whip, and drove to the school. Today, as you might know, was Mandela day. Before work began at the school, the head teacher read us inspirational quotes by the big man. One was: “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Which was how the tasks had seemed at the beginning of the week but were now coming together. We then split off into groups for 67 minutes of work in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 67 years dedication of fighting the apartheid movement. After those quotes to inspire us we broke into the day of labour. We got divided into groups, some to paint goal posts, some mixing compost and picked out carrots. Then Moore started annoying games which no one got the hang of but the banter was flowing. Then solar reserve (a local company doing 67 minutes of labour) cooked us lunch on a BBQ which was hotdogs. Then we were left to finish off the goalposts. Howgate led the painty attack on the rough metal. At last, we had finished. We all gathered, students of Brockington and Zama Montessori, so we could donate the suitcases rammed full of clothes, football kits, stationary and books. It nearly brought the teachers to tears, seeing the kids marvel at the football kits.

Frazer Burbery- Dear mum, dad and Thomas
I am having a good time in South Africa, it’s sweet. I am missing you. I hope you are all having good times on your holidays as I am here. Love Frazer.

Charlie-Yo crew. Da boyz here are digging my swag. The honeys here are atleast a B standard at gcse in their looks. Love you. YOLO.

Sophie – Hey all, love and miss everyone but I have to admit that South Africa has it’s perks. Baking in the day, bundled in hoodies at night and the kids are so loving I might just leave my clothes here to bring one of the little girls back with me. Miss you Scruff keep my bed warm for me.