It was an early morning and we all woke extremely early, 6 00am! We headed out to Moses’ to sort out all of the remainding care packages. We did surprisingly well as we can’t pack our own bags let alone other peoples! we went to the school first though . Just a quick pop in to say “qoowee”. Then Moses’ amazing wife Emily made us pea stew and the greatest thing of all time… CHAPATIES :.) Everyone on this trip has a deep love for Emilie’s homemade chipaties. They are heaven on Earth. After we all crashed out at Moses, some more than others **cough cough Joe Bourne, Lois Picko** anyway enough name and shame, then everyone woke up from their power nap, we headed to the goverment school. When we arrived the school was massive, a lot bigger than Mtwapa. In each classroom there was 100 students. We gave them the stationary donations that we had previously packed and made our way to the villages.

As we got to the village over 60 children started following us around like we were some sort of celebrities. Huge crowds stared gathering wherever we went and the children started singing and dancing with us. we handed out 42 bags to 26 different family’s consisting of food, clothes, and mosquito nets. you cold say they were signed, sealed and delivered.

after a long journey we headed to the super market to buy snacks for the long journey to the safari. Then we all crashed out ( not at moses this time, but In our on hotel)

Alice and penny,
x :)

Hi Mum , Dad Hannah, Olly,  Val and Tony.
I’m having still having a great tie and cant believe I’ve only got 5 days left. I know your missing me a lot but I understand I am a very loving person. missing you all so much and cant wait to see you all and catch up hen I get back to England. love you all, Alice xx

Mum, Morgan, Dad, Spud, hope you’re well, also Morgan I hope your not scoffing too much pizza whilst combining, its gone so quick, every day goes quicker and quicker, mum dad better mark Thursday on the calendar as your favourite child is coming home, shame the world cup didn’t though, love you lots ,pen x


Waking up at 4:30am was definitely tiring before the day even started but was worth it after almost a 6hr drive to our first safari lodge, it was only a day stay but we all enjoyed relaxing in the interesting lobby around a large open fire place and cooling breeze around the pool, the lunch was also an amazing experience, after our short but pleasing stay we were on our way through the first safari trip. Our cool safari vans allowed us to pop up at the top to get a closer view of the wildlife. Animals including elephants lions, antelope and zebra. it was only our first safari ride but we had already seen some incredible animals and many yet to come. As our long journey around the safari trail came to close we where all very happy to see our safari hotel which we would be staying in over night. Our rooms where very high above the ground giving us the chance to view wildlife from above. After a quick re coop in our rooms we were all ready for some dinner. Not expecting to see any more animas as the evening draws in, we where all tucking into to some yummy food when we where informed that the elephants were passing by, all at once every one scrambling to see them at the windows as we had been located next to the lake which they drink from, we got to see elephants from the big ones to the small ones. Cameras out as we all captured them being so near, shortly after we where back to dinner before hoping into our beds out in the tall standing lodges to get some good night rest for the next day ahead.


On day two of the Safari we all got up at half 5 for a 6am drive. The drive was amazing and we saw Zebras, Ostriches, Baboon, Giraffes, Elephants and Lions. At one point Mr McDonald and Mr Marsdens group saw the Lions playing and then walk past their vans which was amazing for everyone to see. On the way back to our hotel a lot of birds flew down onto our vans and we fed them.

We then went back to our hotel for breakfast and then we returned back to our hotel in Mtwpa. We then went to one of the local orphanages to give them some donations, gifts and some footballs. We had a great discussion with the children and talked about our countries, education systems and what we want to be when we grow up. After that we had a big game of football with England beating Kenya 7-6!

Josh’s Post

After another early start, we began our second and final safari trip. Between a space of three hours, we had a face to face encounter with two lions. A young male and female one. We also saw a herd of great African elephants from afar, a tall, towering giraffe eating from the trees, cheeky, playful baboons and a lot of zebras. *A question to get you thinking, black with white stripes or white with black stripes?*​

After a frenzy of photo snapping, without realising, our wildlife adventure was over. :( With a tear in the corner of our eyes, we waved goodbye to the unforgettable, amazing experience reading ourselves for the long six hour drive ahead…

Once we got back, work was never too far away. After a quick unpacking and maybe a change of clothes, we boarded our mtatus and made our way towards the orphanage. After a quick introduction and some amazing talent shown off by the kids, we were ready to give them our donations. The donations were some flour, oil, food and stationary. But that’s not all we did…

WE HAD A FOOTBALL GAME! yes you saw that right, a bunch of fourteen year olds played a football game against some younger Kenyan children. We did expect ourselves to win, but in the fashion that we did it however, we did not expect. They were one of the most talented bunch of kids we had ever seen. They had everything in the locker, from flicks and tricks, to their fantastic shooting abilities. They had the lot. The final score was 6-7 to us. They gave us a super tough game but thanks to mostly luck we edged past. Pretty sure we broke a lot of records like the first ever English team to play a Kenyan side or how much we relied on route one football (mostly just hoofing it up) but hey ho a games a game :)

Sorry for the boring blog, hope your still awake after reading this!