Another early start to our day as we prepared to set off to the school.By 7 o clock we were served breakfast, (Egg,Bacon and toast) By 7:45 we were ready with our bags for our journey ahead.
When we arrived atΒ the school, they were excited but curious to meet us all, they introduced us by playing songs on a marimba and we sang: Wacka Wacka, Don’t stop believing and Living on a prayer. Jack did a ventriloquist performance and also donated his puppet to the school.
After that, we had the chance to socialize more and really get to know the African children which was very pleasing. at all times the children were smiling, playing and enjoying themselves with very little which was a great experience for us because we learnt to appreciate how lucky we are with what we’ve got.
after a fine morning hanging out with the kids we then moved on to our next location , the squatter camp , a very emotional part of the day for most of us. the squatter camp is a poor part of Johannesburg were there are over 200 thousand families living in severe poverty with very little to survive on. overall a very emotional day to say the least
we are all twitching to go back and visit the schools again during the week. Tomorrow a very relaxed day visiting the Soweto town and the football stadium where they hosted the 2010 world cup final which will be amazing
we will keep you all updated tomorrow missing you all from the Africa team (George , Elliot , Jess and Patrick)

George Marvell : Hi everyone at home missing the dog the most but see you on the 30th ;)

Jess : Hi mum, have a great time in Milan , love you(and pudding) x

Elliott Pope: Hey guys at home, Having a great time so far and been a very tiring first two days. Missing you all loads, Love you all

Patrick: Hi everyone hope your not having to much fun with without me I’m missing you all can’t wait to see you when I get back :)

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