Early wake up call today at 6:15am to get ready and have some breakfast so that we could get into school early. Being our first day at school, we were buzzing with excitement to get started, we didn’t know what to expect! When we arrived at the school, the Headteacher spoke to us on what she needed and what her aspirations were for this trip. Around 15 children had came in today (despite it being their holiday) to help us out. The group split off into different rooms and began to clear out all the supplies to ensure that the rooms were clean and tidy for a new roof to be installed. We didn’t realise that we would get that mucky, as the school was very dusty! Whilst clearing the rooms, we packed endless cardboard boxes and swept the floors for hours! For a break, we played a few footie games with the kids (they are mad about football over here!). We ate and then after lunch, we all worked as a team and finished clearing the rooms and deciding what needed to be kept. After hours and hours of hard work, we managed to organise all the supplies and the rooms were tidy and ready for renovation. We look forward to working on the playground tomorrow (and hopefully a nice tan!) so that the kids have a lovely place to play.

Karina- I hope all the family is well and thank you for all your support on this journey- i truly appreciate it! Am having a lovely time, but missing you all lots (and hope you are having a great holiday too!- enjoy yourself!) :D x

Erin- Hope you’re all well. having a great time, very tiring though! Missing home but we’ll be back before you know it. Thank you for helping us all fund-raise the money for us to come here and help. It still doesn’t feel real. Have a good rest of the holiday. love you x

Josh- Hello everyone! I hope your all having an awesome time without us  (hopefully missing us a bit too). I’m having the best time of my life out here in Africa,its only been our 3rd day here and its been truly amazing! Mum&Dad and family i’m missing you endless amounts (not forgetting phoebe too)! Love you all,bye bye for now:)