Rhiannon- Wow i have had such a life changing experience over these past 2 weeks. Making so many life long friends and treasuring them memories forever. Helping out them people who are less fortunate than us. This trip has completely changed the way i think about things and i feel so great that we have done so much that will never ever be forgotten.

Ellie- had such a amazing trip, can’t believe how much i have done and what i have experienced. Made so many lifelong friends and going to miss them so much. Can’t thank the teachers enough for giving me and the rest of us this opportunity. I will never forget the things i have done and achieved. Best 2 weeks i have ever had.

Charlotte CS – It’s been an amazing 2 weeks that I’ve spent with great people. As a group we’ve helped so many people and have changed lives forever – both theirs and ours. I’ve made life long memories and friends that will stay with me forever. My favourite memories was all the days at the schools, going on safari,giving out the care packages and feeding the Giraffes. I’d like to thank all the teachers for an excellent time.

Joy – wow its been such an amazing 2 weeks, iv made lifelong friends which i will never forget. Im so proud of myself and everyone who took part in the trip as we all really made a difference to their lives aswell as ours. Thanks to everyone who helped me get here!

Lucy A – What a time, 2 weeks have gone so fast but we’ve done so much. We’ve made so many lifelong friends which I will never forget. Can’t believe I’ve fed a giraffe! I can’t thank the teachers enough. Thank you to everyone who helped me achieved my goal.

Josh- probably the best two weeks of my life. We have all done so much to help other people and have impacted so many people’s lives. I have made many new friends and i will miss them once we leave. I want to thank everyone who helped be get here!

Tabi – wow. We have done so much in such a little time, the people we have met are amazing and the things we have experienced were fantastic. This trip has been phenomenal and i will never forget any of it. Thank you so much to everyone on the trip and everyone back home who helped me get here! The best time of my life.

Fred- I can’t believe it’s over, it seems like only yesterday that we were in the sports hall being picked for the trip. We’ve done so much and helped so many people who, without our help, wouldn’t have been able to go to school. Thanks to everyone who helped us throughout the trip, without you we would’ve been unable to help the people of Kenya.

Franklin-it has been really good to come to Kenya and I cannot believe it is nearly over really liked playing with the kids and building the school. We have done so much in little time and am not looking forward to coming home. Thank you to everyone that helped-this has been a really fun experience.

George- It’s amazing to think that in just 2 weeks we actually changed the lives of so many people, not just by the school but when we handed out the bags, gave Gail life saving Malaria medicine and so many more. I loved playing and learning with the kids at the schools. It was truly an unforgettable experience that  will stay with me forever.

Clarissa – Wow these 2 weeks have flown by so quickly!! I just wish that we were here for longer really!! Helping so many people has been truly amazing and everyone has completely and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, hopefully that the people we helped will remember us as we will defiantly remember them and I will never forget it – especially being so close to a lion!! J

Luke – Utterly amazing is how i would describe the past two weeks. It has been so emotional and i will never forget this whole experience or the extraordinary people in the schools. I really am going to miss everything and will never look at life the same!!!!! Thank you very much everyone and the teachers and Moses for this amazing experience :D!!!!!!

Jack-these past 2 weeks have been absolutely amazing. It has changed my perception on the world and it has also made me more grateful for the things I have at home.  I will never forget this amazing experience and it will stay with me until I die. I will miss all the friends I have made at the 2 schools and I just hope they will all be fine in the future

Rumit- This holiday is fantastic. Over the past two weeks we have done loads to help the needy and enjoyed ourselves in the process. This trip has also changd the way i look at things as insted of spending lots of money on what i want i will buy what i need and give lots of money to charity. I will never forget this once in a lifetime opportunity and i want to thank everyone for helping me to achieve this amazing life goal.

Luce: It’s been an awesome couple of weeks. A matatu driver challenged me to find somewhere more incredible than here yesterday and I can honestly say that I will struggle .Thanks to the guys who made it possible. KATIE AND CHARLOTTE ARE COOL TOO

Katie: Had an amazing two weeks here that I’ll never forget, especially yesterday at the disco because it summed up everything we are here for. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible. Will miss everything, especially Lucy :-)

Melissa: What a life changing 2 weeks we’ve just had! I’d say that coming here has been the best experience of my life and that I’ve become a better person during my time in Kenya. I’ve made so many lifelong friends- both students in Kenya as well as other people on this trip. I will never forget my time here and would just like to take the opportunity to thank the teachers; I really appreciate you taking me here and looking after me!

Charlotte:  It’s been an amazing two weeks! Looking forward to seeing all the photos and reading all the blogs again for the memories. Things can never be the same at home for me, and I’ve made so many friends on the team (cough, Luce ;-) and others out here. A big thank you to everyone who made this possible!