First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to all the comments that have been posted, we really appreciate all the ‘Good Luck’s’ and ‘Love You’s’ that we read.

The day started with our first experience of bartering on the beach and some of us were persuaded too much and couldn’t resist buying something! The beach was lovely! After this, we spent the morning splashing around in the pool and catching some rays.
In the afternoon, we took a tour of the city Mombasa travelling in three safari buses. where we visited the Mombasa Tusks, Fort Jesus and drove through the Slave Market. The main attraction was a visit to the Akamaba Wood Carving market where there was many people making beautiful carvings from different types of wood.
We then returned to the hotel, where there was time for another swim, before dinner.

Elle King and Emily Warren-Ballard

Emily: hey guys, hope your all ok, having an amazing time miss you loads and love you loads. Wubba xxx (-:

Ellie: Hey guys, having a great time as you can see, i think it is quiet at home, and i hope your all okay. Missing you loads, love you. Ellie xxxxx