Day Two – Beijing

Our first night in Beijing was very welcoming. The bathroom was luxurious with a very powerful shower and the rooms were well laid out, but the beds were firm. It came with free Wi-Fi!!

We all had to be up and downstairs by 7am, ridiculous! However, despite being up this early we started our day off with a scrumptious breakfast.

We had a 2 hour journey to The Great Wall of China. We were all filled with excitement, especially when we went up in a ski lift to get on The Great Wall. We had an hour to walk along the top of the wall and back. A few of us rushed quickly to get to the top guard tower and the rest of us took the easy road and paced themselves. Fortunately we all got there and back in the hour. Then we tobogganed down The Great Wall, it was really fun! The wall was a lot harder than we expected the climb up. After all that exercise we went for lunch which everyone enjoyed “Yay!”

After lunch we went over to the Ming tombs. They were interesting and there were lots of hand carved stone statues. Then 2 hours back to Beijing.

The End

Khloe Glover and Paige Shingler


Editor’s note: The children have been fantastic today, really engaged and loved the toboggan run. They have all eaten hearty meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner and are becoming very proficient with their chopsticks, unlike some of the staff (Miss Darby). Dinner tonight was at a renowned restaurant and they tucked into Peking duck. Tomorrow we take the evening train from Beijing to Xi’an so we may not be able to do the blog, depending on Wi-Fi.


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