Hello all.

Today is the second day of safari and yet again it has been awesome. After an early start, we all got going at 7am to go and see the animals. The first spot of the day was a pride of lions who were literally five metre’s away, which was absolutely phenomenal! After that spiffing start we were chauffeured around the game reserve to see some exhilarating animals, for example tremendous elephants, elaborate giraffes, jolly buffalo, beautiful impala’s and loads of exotic birds.

We then arrived at a local craft shop/cafe for a quick stop; some of us bought gifts for the family whilst some stocked up on snacks and drinks for the next upcoming journey. Next, we arrived at Taita Hills Game Reserve/Hotel and stopped for a slightly extended break of 4 hours. We had lunch and had a chance to relax by or in the pool before setting off for our second safari of the day at 4 o’clock until half six which was fascinating as there were loads of species of animals. Daniel is the best driver out of them all, he is a legend. Its so different to see them in their natural habitat instead of in a cage its fantastic and the views were amazing the vast space of plains and hills. The birds, especially the rollers, were beautiful birds I thought. As we were driving along a Black Mamba snake crossed our path and scuttled into the undergrowth.

Jamie Hathaway and Emile Hames

Jamie Hathaway: missing you all love you can’t wait to see you all :) <3 x

Emilie: Hello back home! Missing you loads! Ryan I have your mask, not sure it’s a tiki mask, but it’ll do. Also can you give me an idea on what to get dad, it would be greatly appreciated! xxx

P.s Callum says happy birthday dad for yesterday.