Today has been different as it has been raining heavily,ok we may have got drenched but that didn’t stop us having fun on the fantastic nature park where we fed the Giraffes which saw us all covered in slobber and was an experience never to be forgotten! Along the way we also saw massive tortoises and hippos.

The nature park was the main part of the day, After that we then went to have lunch which was good. There after we went into the supermarkets where a lot of us bought chocolate and sweets, we then came back to the hotel , and everyone had a nice dip in the pool just before dinner. On the whole a really good day

Rahi Kantaria & Jack Thrower
Hi guys hoping that you are having a good time! Thanks dad for tidying my room but you no that when i get home it will get messy again i hope you guys are looking forward to Barca missing you loads and I luv u both dearly all the best Jack xxxxx ;) 

Rahi: Hi everyone , hope your all okay , mum and ria having a good time in Sri Lanka , and dad at home on your own lazing around, hope your all missing me , cause I’m missing you lot a lot , along with sky sports news, love you all