Day Three

Wandered down to the pool this morning and caught up on our Swahili with some locals in the hotel.  A few of us went to the beach and were welcomed or ‘dragged’ by the sales guys lurking around to have a look at their stalls.  Sure we heard ‘it’s cheap as chips!’ at one point shouted out by a small guy attempting a terrible British accent. We took a Mtatu (we think it’s called that) to a nature reserve and chilled with the monkeys, giant turtles, snakes, hippos, wildebeests and got up close and personal with the giraffe! Took some awesome photos, we’ve all agreed that the giraffes were by far the best their tongues tickling our palms and their faces only inches away. We waited around for a bit and unlucky Mr Dunmore was mugged of his banana by a ninja monkey. After we went to check out the crocodiles being fed it seemed cruel to be mocking them with a piece of meat hanging from string, but it was fun.  This evening we stopped off in the local supermarket to buy snacks.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

Lucy Prior- hey Mum, Dad and Maiz, it’s incredible out here so hot too. Hope you guys aren’t missing me too much was planning on not coming home ha ha. How’s Jaws and Flora doing? Pretty sure that Maiz isn’t coping without me tell her to man up, everyone is always smiling out here my jaw is aching. Not missing you really but looking forward to telling you about my adventures love you from Luce xxx

Lucy Ashmore- Hi Mum, Dad,  Clare, Jonna, Granny and Grandma. I’m missing you all lots and lots, but it’s tons of fun out here. I hope Molly isn’t too sad because I left. It’s shoot I can’t believe it. Don’t worry mum I have kept putting on suncream and I’m constantly wearing my hat. Looking forward to everything loving your notes on my money envelopes it is keeping me going. Miss you all lots and lots of love Lucy A xxxxxxxxxx