Mrs True got mugged by a baboon!
It stole her biscuits. She cried out. We all laughed. The Baboon ate biscuits.

Today was the last day of the Safari. After a tired start at 5:30 we got going in our vans out to the Taita Hills Game Reserve to see the animals. It started with some Giraffes running, then some Buffalo’s at a watering hole. Our drivers then drove us up to Lion Rock, a lion hang out for the kings of the jungle. After an all clear, we hopped out the vans and had a wander around taking photos and singing the ‘Lion King’ songs. The incredible views were astonishing to see and it touched everybody. We then left and drove around the planes, spotting more amazing animals like Antelopes, Giraffes and Jackels.

Hungry, we went back to the hotel to have breakfast. At the hotel, there is a watering hole, which is constantly surrounded by many different types of animals. This morning, we spotted some zebra’s, antelope’s elephants and ostriches. Then the funny moment of the day happened (see above). We then left the reserve and headed to the Maasai village, where we were welcomed with some traditional Maasai dancing. We had a tour of the village, and tried a hand at creating some FIRE! Afterwards, we returned to the hotel all tired out, so hung round by the pool for some chillax (sorry Wubba!).

Kash4Kenya Team

Ellie: Hi everyone. hope the postcards got home okay. Can’t believe its nearly over. Missing you. Love Ellie xx

Jack T: Hi mum, dad arch,brianna, caragh, grandad and brenda, lois haven a great time can’t believe it’s nealy over and i don’t won’t to go because i’m having such a great time but don’t worry i am coming back mission u all and luv you all deeply all the best from jack t!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx