We slept in till 8 today and gathered all the suitcases which were donated, and headed to the orphanage. At the New Light Children’s Home (orphanage) we had a guided tour by the children and then sat down whilst they entertained us with poems and songs we even entertained them with a few songs we have picked up during our time here. After the children’s home Moses took us for a tour round the Mtmondoni village were we visited 20 houses and gave each of them a donated suitcase (containing a mixture of clothes, shoes, teddies, rice, maize, and Mosquito nets). We even watched a traditional wedding ceremony, and dances where Emily S and Jack T joined in. It was GREAT! This was a VERY tiring experience BUT it was enjoyable and well worth it!

After non-stop hard work we took a relaxing trip to the supermarket where we bought some supplies for the following days. Instead of our usual transport we took a taxi back to the hotel. After a great day we are packing for a safari and having to get up at 5 means an early night tonight.

Emily Snow and Jack Thrower
Jack: Hi m+d am mission you loads how is barca will prob txt you before i go bed. Mum can you txt Emma and ask her if Lois will be allowed to blog i would really appreciate it !Dad what is the latest news on CPFC 2010 and g+b can’t wait to come up and see and tell you all about the trip wishing you all the best lots of love Jack T.
Emily; Hey at home, missing you all loads!!!!!! I can’t believe that the trip is almost over, i’m having loads of fun!!! Thanks chloe for writing on the blog it means a lot. keep blogging and i love you all at home.x Mum i can’t believe that you aren’t coming to pick me up you loser, haha not really thats lucy obviously.