We woke up early for the last time this week (6am) so the other two groups could go to Amina’s house to cook. We arrived at Mtwapa Academy at 7:30am (ish) for the morning assembly. Then Wubba Jake, Laura and Jack.T went to Amina’s house to make our lunch (Biryani).

While at Sagail Nursery/ Primary school the builders started to plaster the walls with the help of the boys and Ellie, ready for us to paint the walls. The walls began to take shape and form a smooth surface.It was good to see the improvements in front of our eyes. While the girls and Rahi took over the lessons. Emily S, Lauren and Emilie taught English, RE, maths and more English. Emily S, Emilie, Ellie and Shannon painted the sign yet again, ready to write the school’s name, proudly, on there tomorrow.

At lunch we ate the two groups meal which was Biryani and Mtwapa potatoes. Then in the afternoon we stayed at Mtwapa Academy and supervised the classes that were doing their end of year tests, while some looked after the kindergarten groups. Emilie had to take the same test as standard 6. The little ones were really hyper and kept on harassing us, especially Jack,H in which they stretched his top that now looks like a dress. In between the tests the pupils played a game of football where numerous people got trampled on.

Emilie, Emily S and Jake x

Jake: Hey everyone at home, especially mummy :) miss you so much. Can’t believe you missed waving me off. I’m going to get you all something from here (probably something small and cheap ;)) Can’t wait to see you when I get back :) swear down if you don’t comment on this I will get you something even smaller and cheaper ;) miss you all loads

Emilie: Hello, you probes wont read this until i come home and tell you to look at it so umm yeah. Im having lots of fun unlike you in Devon – you losers! I have fed a giraffe and poked a lizard but was not aloud to sit on the tortoises for some strange, bizarre reason. See you when i get back, don’t forget to pick me up!!! Love Emilie (P,S in the word of Laura ‘I swear down if you do not comment inhere soon i’ll do something drastic, like not eat my pudding!) xxx

Emily: hi miss you all loads, hope Lucy has a great holiday with Lauren H (i think) i guess i will see you soon apart from you mum because your stupid and are working so love you all loads.x.x.x