Day Six – Shanghai


We had an early start to the day. Waking up at 6 o’clock to Mr Price’s dreadful 90s music. Ed note: It was in fact the guard wanting to sort tickets however, the music did soon start, and apparently it was all he had downloaded for China! We arrived at a hectic Shanghai station, where our new tour guide Linda greeted us, followed by a trip to KFC.  We went into KFC to be surprised that they did breakfast. Which consisted of a bacon and egg panini with an excessive amount of mayo and a very strong coffee to top it off!

Next we went for a slow and steady walk to the bus with Linda who everyone over took at a normal speed. As we got on to the bus we headed to our first destination, the world’s now second tallest free standing building (TV tower). We were looking forward to how amazing the whole adventure would be.

Then we headed up in the lift to our first stop the middle dome. The views were great and then we went down to be absolutely shocked at the glass observation deck that had the most amazing views. They looked fake because they were so stunning. As we started to go on to the glass floor we were a bit apprehensive at first because of how it felt. It was like we were walking on top of the buildings, just like magic but after 2 minutes everyone’s cameras were whipped out and the lights started flashing like it was a photo shoot! We then asked whether we could go on a VR rollercoaster and to our surprise the answer was yes! It was amazing and although we barely moved it seemed as though we were going a million miles an hour. Everyone screamed and laughed at each other, Mr Price’s over the top reaction was hilarious.

We went for a lovely lunch at a local restaurant followed by a walk on The Bund. The beautiful promenade had stunning views of Shanghai and the river. It was the most we have been stopped with many of us having pictures with local people. After this, we had a lovely walk through the beautiful Yu Gardens, we then had a lot of time walking through the adjoining market exploring local food and gifts. Many of us brought lots of souvenirs for our families.

Next we went to the boat, the view from the top of the ship was absolutely stunning and got some breathtaking pictures of the buildings that where lit up like a Christmas tree. Lois got a photo that looks exactly like a wallpaper that comes with a new phone. Everyone was doing the Titanic pose and humming the theme tune which some of us thought was a bad idea.

After a jam-packed day, we were all feeling really hungry and thankfully were taken to another restaurant not far from the boat. Miss Darby got a bit more sauce than she bargained for. As all of us were dipping their chicken into the sauce, Miss Darby somehow got her chest in the sauce!!!!!!


Written by Toby, Bella, Ella, Lily and Charlie E


Editor’s Note:

Shanghai is yet another cultural experience. Our 3rd city, very different from the other two. Modern architecture meeting western architecture in The Bund. The children enjoyed the shopping, especially as they all got some more Yuan to spend…their final instalment of the holiday. The day culminated in a fantastic boat trip along the Huangpo River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, at sunset. This allowed us to see the spectacular skyline of the city at night. It was also a time for the children, and staff, to reflect on their momentous week in China.


Updates of comments on the daily blog have become highly anticipated during the bus rides. The children really enjoy knowing that you are all reading about their experiences, and it is nice to see their reaction when we read your comments out.


All students are settled into the hotel ahead of our final day in China, where we visit the ancient water town after a highly deserved, slight lie-in of 7:30am.


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