We boarded the overnight train at 16:30 after a long but enjoyable last day in Xi’an. We socialised amongst ourselves and enjoyed listening to music and eating our supper. The overnight train was again another great night where we all got to know each other a little more.


At 8am the next morning we arrived in Shanghai, the business captial of China. We were all very tired and not in the best of moods. We got off at Shanghai South-West railway station and met our tour guide, Katherine and were then taken to KFC for breakfast. The breakfast was really nice and it was great to have a little taste of home.

After breakfast we were all taken to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower which is a whopping height of 468m. We all had a group photo with the tower; we looked amazing. We all went up the TV Tower to the sight-seeing floor which is 263m high. The view from the tower was absolutely superb and it was great to see the buildings and chinese architecture. We visited the glass floor observatory which was amazing. We experienced at 360 degree view of Shanghai and took lots of amazing photos.




We had lunch at a local chinese restaurant in the old town part of Shanghai. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After lunch we visited the Yu Gardens which was built by a Shanghai official called Mr Pan for his parents in the year 1559. The garden was very beautiful and full of Ming architecture, flowers and plants. We all enjoyed the visit and took lots of photos and learned a lot about chinese culture in Shanghai.




Later in the afternoon we visited the Bund. The Bund is the area of Shanghai that was occupied by the British in the early 1800’s. The view of the river and buildings was amazing. It was very strange because one side of the river was like London and the other full of chinese skyscrapers. We took lots of photos and had a good time!




After the Bund we all went to our accomodation in the hotel to get ready for the evening meal and river cruise. For dinner we went to a really posh local restaurant. We all really enjoyed the food and there was a really good selection.


After dinner we went on our cruise. Shanghai at night is such an amazing sight and I think we all got some really good photos.



We are all looking forward to going back to the UK but sad to end such an amazing trip!

Blog by Ben & Taylor