Hey hey hey!

What a great start to the day! an whole hour extra lie in bed! This meant that breakfast was at 7:30, and we left at 8. We headed straight to the nursery, and got stuck in with playing and teaching (Mr Jones was learning!) with the children. The builders were there, and continuing plastering the corridors and classrooms. Emilie and Me (Ellie) repainted the sign outside whilst the rest of us were either shopping (buying rice and maize for local families) or having fun with the little ones.

Before we knew it, it was lunchtime, so we headed back to the Academy where another delicious meal was waiting for us. We played with the children from the school, and continued building our friendships. After lunch, we didn’t head back to the nursery, as we would get in the builders way, so we went to the Moorings floating restaurant on the river. The weather was beautiful, so some of us sunbathed whilst we sat outside enjoying the view. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel, for some well earned chillax!

Ellie King and Jack Hall!

P.S Ellie and Rahi took the photos today, that is why they are so much better than usual (stink on Mr Jones!)

Jack Hall: Hi everyone, i cant get an expensive, enormous, shiny, new, fandabulous present, so i got her a monkey. I am missing you all and i hope that the dog hasn’t made a mess in my bed. Im having a great time and i think u are all enjoying the two weeks of peace at home:). BYE!
Ellie: Hi everyone who cares to read this! Having a fabulous time, and REALLY missing you all! Well done Katie in the worlds, and i hope you went in all the races this time! lol. Love you allllllll LOTs, ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx