Day Seven – Zhujiajiao Water Village


The extra hour lie in made a HUGE difference this morning, so we departed at 9:15am bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Our first stop of the day was the silk factory, where we learnt how silk was made and saw the process of the extraction from the silk worms. The children enjoyed buying a few silk souvenirs from the shop. Ed Note: Miss Darby went a little overboard by buying a silk duvet.

Next on our whistle stop tour of Shanghai was the ‘Venice of the east’. The Zhujiajiao Water town. Our visit began with a cruise down the canal past a Buddhist temple and many eateries. After lunch in a local restaurant, we had a couple of hours to spend our final Yuan, enjoy the sunshine and marvel at the street food stalls. Ed Note: A number of the students were quite happy to sit in the 30 degree sun and eat ice cream during this time.

Heading back into Shanghai at the end of the day, the football fans among us marveled at the sight of the Shanghai soccer stadium at our final sunset, grabbing pictures as we passed it on the ring road.

We went over the Dragon Bridge and headed to our final Chinese ‘lazy Susan’ meal. A short drive later and an hour and a half through customs, we’re now sat in the departure lounge of Shanghai airport, waiting eagerly in anticipation of our 12 and a half hours flight to Frankfurt. Sat in the distance is 24 students queuing up for and eating the western delights of a Burger King (we’ve already had ours).

Written by the staff as the students are all busy eating. Photos will follow in Frankfurt.