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Day One – Beijing

This has become something of the norm on day one – the staff are the last ones standing!

However, over our evening meal we asked everyone what the highlights of their day had been or what had surprised them most on their first day in China…so here goes

  • The restaurant for lunch. There was so much food and it was ‘fab’! In fact even 24 young adults were overwhelmed by the volume of food as it just kept on coming. Although some have asked this evening if they could go to McDonalds for some chips – our response ‘what you don’t fancy the brown egg in a bowl of soup – you are in China and we’re going for the authentic experience get on with it!’
  • The dragon boat across the lake at The Summer Palace…the sun was shining and the scenery breathtaking (although a month ago the lake was frozen and it was -16, so we’re doing well weather wise)
  • Being photographed as if we were celebrities. Apparently westerners are ‘unusual’ and everyone taking photographs all the times makes ‘you feel like Beyoncė’
  • The artist at the Summer Palace who just started to randomly draw Zac onto a plate (which Zac purchased after a bit of haggling!)
  • They did not expect so many tall buildings and Beijing to be so modern
  • Using the Beijing subway – it was an experience especially when Paige (Shilcock) got squished by the door but Mr Turner to the rescue!
  • The hotel is better than they thought – big beds and hot showers but the holes in the floor are going to take getting used to (parents can you identify your daughter in this group perhaps?!)
  • The acrobatic show – the aerial dancers, the very dangerous spinning bit and how many motorcycles in the wall of death (8 if we counted correctly)

For staff, the journey went amazingly well, (Food at Frankfurt was fantastic) we all managed some sleep on the plane and it has been wonderful seeing everyone adjusting to the new cultural highlights.

So they have all gone to bed (by 9pm) and know they have to be up for breakfast at 7am (but that is earlier than I get up for school – according to Khloe). Tomorrow we head out to the Great Wall of China, with our guide Gary (who is a massive hit just like last time) and the updates will be done by the youngsters. Have a great evening.

The China Gang


Photo’s to be added in due course