We had a lie-in until half 8 today which was a nice change considering we had been getting up at 6 for the past 5 days. After having breakfast at 9 , we then started the day with a visit to Bombolulu cultural centre, which we spent a few hours there , and at the end everyone bought presents and souvenirs for family and friends. The visit consisted of touring around the different workshops and gaining an insight into disabled workers and how they are accepted in Kenya. We also got to look varieties of different Kenyan tribal camps.

After leaving there at around 2pm we then came back to the hotel to drop off all the presents and get ready to go to the public beach! After arriving at the beach we then went to the Pirates restaurant on Pirates beach funnily enough! As we sat and ordered the drinks and food, we all discussed how we thought all of our friends – who we invited from Mtwapa Academy – were not going to turn up. Immediately after we had said this, a herd of students hurtled around the corner and greeted us enthusiastically. After finally eating, we rushed off to have fun with the kids on the beach with plenty of sand fights and laughter which got everyone excited! Mr Jones found himself scared again when he let out a loud cry when he found himself confronted by a dead crab much to the laughter of everybody else! After what seemed a very short, and fun filled 3 hours, it was time to say a quick goodbye and go back to the hotel. A really good and enjoyable day overall, one of the best for sure!

Emily W-B & Rahi

Emily: hey guys! hope all the nationals goes well jack and hope dad has had (having) a lovely time in dubai. I actually really don’t want to leave now! But missing you loads! Hope your all okay, love you lots, em (-: XXX

Rahi: Hello everyone back home , hope your haven a great time without me , but il be back in 7 days don’t worry, im fine and really enjoying this experience, hope your all okay, take care . Rahi :)