Hello! :-)

Well, today has been very eventful. We started our day by waking up very early, we were all so tired as the night before we were entertained by masaii tribe. They performed to us by unusual dancing and singing, as well as jumping incredibly high.

Anyway, today was very exiting as there were many things we had to do! We started off by going around to all the classes to be welcomed by the children then we split into different groups, 2 groups were chosen to be taken to prepare the evening meal for the school. We walked quite far to get to the cooks house, and we all chipped in to help prepare the food. lauren went with the cook to order some fish from a local fishmonger. whilst the cook spoke to them in Swahili she watched them as they pounded the fish with a wooden bat, then slit the middle of the fish to remove any unwanted organs and then scraped off any unnecessary scales and then cooked the fish ready to be eaten. Afterwards whilst waiting for the cooking to be done, we decided to play outside with all of the children in the area. We played football, volleyball and shannon was entertaining children with hula hooping and tic tac toe!

We took the food back down to the school and we all had lunch. Later on we went to the nursery where we were all bonded with the children and helped them with their lessons. back at the hotel we had fun in the pool and now we are about to eat dinner.

Shannon Montford & Lauren Wood (:

Shannon: Hello everyone at home, and especially to mum :)! I miss you a lot and i think i actually miss home. :( What type of camera is it :D? AND brad have FB!? lots and lots of love to all family relations ! :-) xxx

Lauren: hellooooo! (: hope your all having fun at home! im having an absolutely amazing time, everything is so different and its interesting seeing the way things are over here! missing you all a lot, don’t worry ive bought you all some nice presents! wait till you see my suntan! :D haha love you all lots!