This morning we were all tired apart from Ellie (obviously a morning person unlike the rest of us) the time we woke up was 6. We went to the Mtwapa Academy school. My group (Jamie’s) and Drew’s went to a parent called Amina’s house to help prepare lunch for the Kenya team. By our standards it was quite basic it had four rooms living room, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom. We had to clean the rice, peel and grate the carrots and peel the potatoes.

The journey to Amina’s was moving. The houses were made from wooden frames coated in mud, some were concrete. We had to carry the food back but usually Amina has to carry two or three bags back herself!

When we got back to the academy we had lunch said our goodbyes to Amina and walked to the Sagail nursery. At the school we painted one of the classrooms and took lessons, which was surprisingly difficult. Jamie’s group had to do the second layer of paint which i got covered in. We spent some time with the children there. Laura and Callum are great with kids.

Jamie Hathaway & Jack Hall

Jamie Hathaway: hey all at home im having a great time please keep the emails coming i miss you all love you all p.s give murphy some fuss for me!

Jack Hall: hi all at home keep the dog out of my bed and make sure my laptop works when i get back! >:( im missing you all at home:) take care all, jack xxx ive brushed my teeth at least twice now and i will shower tomorrow, promise:D xxx