It was amazing, the day started at 5:00am. NOT GOOD. We rushed up to breakfast all willing to be up at that time! LOL jk, everyone was very tired and could hardly eat their food properly. After we had finished we took hired safari mini buses to the safari hotel. We went straight into the animal business and were soon spotting animals! We saw on the way to the hotel elephants, gazelles, antelopes and monkeys. we got to the hotel and had a drink went to the rooms its a really nice, big hotel with very friendly staff. After that we went down to dinner and went straight back into safari. We then saw Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Baboons, Jackals, Warthogs, Antelopes, Zebras, Gazelles and some pretty coloured birds that we cannot remember the name of. :-)

Near the end of it we saw a herd of elephants of all ages cross the road just in front of us. It was indescribable and unimaginable. We finished the safari at 6:50 but the time we were meant to be finished was 6:00 :O. Thats because we waited for the awesome elephants to cross :D.
BY THE WAY, there was a FROG in the BOG called bogfrog so yeah, k BYE :)!
Callum Taylor & Shannon Montford.

Shannon- hey mum, dad, grandma, grandad , great grandma, great grandad, mama , aunties, josh, uncles, cousins, friends and Brother.. having an awesome time few downers but i’m all good! I love you all and i cant wait to come back to see you all. Missing you lots love Shannon! <3 :-) Callum- hey peeps, best miss me loads because i miss you tons :) kenya is brilliant and i don’t want to come back you can come over here. love you lot loads and tell everyone i love them and miss them too. :) xxxxxxxx