Well what a day today has been! in my opinion (laura) the best so far!
This morning we went to the nursery. When we arrived the plasterers were just doing the last touches to the walls and were just starting on the floor. We then spent a couple of hours teaching lessons but because there was such a small space to work in we decided to take all the kids outside for a miniature sports day. Whilst this was going on a woman came in to do peoples henna tattoos. All the girls had them as they were so cheap! I (lauren) have had one going round my wrist, one on my back and one on my knee going down to my toes. Laura had them on her wrist, on her arm, hands and legs, they look amazing!

We then walked up to Mtwapa for lunch which was cooked by Amina, we couldn’t wait for lunch as Amina is extremely good at cooking! After lunch we spent some time with our close friends and then we walked up to the field pitch for football. I (Laura) was in team A and Lauren was in team B, obviously my team won as i was in it, but i was very impressed with Lauren’s skills. After the girls match it was the boys turn. i think team A might of won but i’m not certain (although Callum did score a goal and started a pitch invasion!). whilst the boys match was happening the Mtwapa girls offered to braid our hair, it looks rather sweet although it looks much better on them than us. We also caught lots of grasshoppers as there was a corn field next door. Jake went and got a tiny grasshopper and held it to Mr.Jones’s face, he screamed like a hormonal girl! it was hilarious! everyone was laughing and pointing at him. Tomorrow we are going to Pirates Beach and so we all asked our close friends to come and join us there.

Laura & Lauren

P.S Don’t forget to follow the link below to view ALL of our photo’s.

Lauren: HEY! I have to say mum will probably die when she see’s my henna tattoos as there massive, but they look amazing! :D Susie & Danny thank you for commenting on the blog it really means a lot! were going to the internet cafe tomorrow so i can reply to your email mum (: LOVE YOU ALL! Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laura: Mum dad & Dean. I’m missing you loads i hope you’re all okay.You wont realise what its like out here but its incredible i’m making everyday last. i don’t want to come home because i have become so attached to life out here. (mum start raising money for my next trip out here LOL) well i am missing you and i love hearing from you we read the blog every night so i know you’re okay. i’m loving all the little children, but i’m also bonding amazingly with the older ones. the one thing i am missing are TOILETS! Love you! SHAUN! i love hearing from you keep practising on your ped! i hope the house is tidy for nan and granddad you know what they’re like love you! Lis it was great hearing from you, i am missing maimai so much cant wait to squeeze her! and tell rico i said BYE! love you all Lots don’t worry about me cause im perfectly fine i’m giving it my all and getting stuck in