Today we finally got to lie in until 7:20 which everyone was very grateful for. We then had a quick cooked breakfast and hopped on a matatoo which took us to the bombolulu centre, a Kenyan centre for  disabled  people set up 20 years ago by an English woman. At the bombolulu centre the disabled people make and sell fair-trade goods. We took the opportunity to buy gifts for our friends and family. We saw a performance and were shown traditional Kenyan houses, including the witch doctors. We then got on a bus that took us to nakumat, were we had lunch at the Kenyan equivalent to pizza hut (pizza inn) and looked around the shopping centre. We then jumped onto another matatoo and returned to the hotel. On the journey a man jumped out of the matatoo window while it was slowing down to stop, which looked very scary. When we got to the hotel we unloaded our bags and went to the public beach. When we got there we met a boy from Mtwapa academy selling bottled water, we said hello and went to barter. Some of us got some great deals, others somehow managed to barter up the price of certain things. We got painted canvases and jewellery. One man was sitting by the beach selling custom jewellery. He made them using a ball point pen, a lighter and nail varnish. We then wandered back to the hotel, our bags laden with wooden carvings. We rapidly ran to our rooms to pore the contents of our bags into our rooms and jumped energetically into the pool.

Ellie and Fred

aFred: hello! The weather in Kenya is Hot! I am fine. I have finished gift shopping. I have got El a leaf, I hope she will adore it!

Ellie: hello mum, dad karra and josh, missing you all loads and can’t wait to see you! Had the most amazing week and looking forward to next. Today was different but really enjoyed it! Hope you are all well and hope that u have sorted my room hehehe, see you soon and send my love to everyone. Love you all lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx