It’s been a whole week since we arrived at the hotel and it’s gone so quickly! Glad to say the heat is becoming less of a problem, even though it’s still in the high 30’s. Normal start today and it’s been a very tiring week for us all, so the early mornings are getting more difficult. As usual, after breakfast we had a hectic ride to Mtwapa in matattos, and arrived at Mtwapa Academy just in time for assembly. Today we were to perform a drama sketch of ‘The Good Samaritan’ in front of the school – which went smoothly despite the last minute preparations. Afterwards, we sang ‘halle, halle’ (thanks Mrs Shaw!)  and this went down very well with the kids – so much so that they asked us to teach it to them.

We split into three groups today. Mr Clark, Miss Wright and Drew’s group went to the building site where we continued helping the builders. As we left before the builders yesterday, the walls were even taller when we arrived this morning. It was tiring work but thankfully it was early in the morning so the heat was bearable. We helped shovel sand back into the trenches, laid bricks and mixed cement.

The groups swapped shifts half way through the morning, so Mr Clark, Miss Wright and Drew’s group went to Segail to swap with the other groups. The morning was Olympic themed and involved t-shirt designing and making Olympic torches which the children loved.

Miss Heggs’ group had joined Amina in preparing lunch for the rest of us – delicious as always: rice, beef and potatoes. After plates were cleared, everyone attended a special event, organised by Mtwapa Academy, to help us experience and understand the history of African Culture. They explained the 10 main tribes of Africa and each one allowed us to taste the typical meals they would have eaten.  Members of the school dressed up to represent members of each tribe, usually the leaders and some groups even performed to us. The food was a shock to some people however we were all very keen to at least try at little.

We left shortly after to get to the supermarket and buy supplies for the rest of the week. The day was finished was finished by a dip in the pool and socialising before dinner.

Charlotte O.  Hello everyone! Having a great time here, I’m amazed by the support we are receiving from the blog! Glad to hear George did the Sport Relief mile as we have now seen how much the money can help. Love to Mum, Dad and the rest of the family. Thanks for that little tally Caroline, made us all smile. Missing everyone at school and we’ll catch up when we get back. Enjoy the holiday and see you all soon. xxx

Katie – Hey, thank you for the messages, everyone. It’s really nice to hear from you after a long day. Everything is

going great, having such a great time, and yes, I let one of those long necked zebras eat from my hand. See you soon, Love xxxxx