Once again the early wakeup call at 5:45 dragged all of us out of bed. For some of us it’s getting harder and harder waking up in the morning heat as the trip goes on. Rushing down to breakfast, we eat croissants, fruit, toast and cereal – but we’re all missing the pancakes and waffles, that we had at the start of the trip. After that we all headed downstairs and caught the public matattos. Then we got off at the Kenol stop and the day began. We had a tiring day ahead of us starting with carrying 10L bottles of water to Mtwapa academy. After the assembly had finished we walked to a new school that the other group had visited in 2010, providing them with tables and chairs. As we walked the temperature started to become hotter and hotter reaching 35 degrees at its hottest. The school was poorer than the others. The children were taught in mud huts, but very happy to be in school as they don’t have to pay. Elizabeth and Billy, the owners of the school, provide free education as well as having to pay for their 10 children to go to school. They also let another 10 children without parents live in their small house as another is under construction. The children sang poems and songs to welcome us very warmly, and we promised to buy them new school uniforms as they don’t have any – they were very grateful of our donation. We walked back and spilt into groups, some went to Sagail and Mtwapa others, went to the building site and Mr Clarks group went to cook at Amina’s house.

At Amina’s – Mr Clark, Charlotte, Joy and jack (AKA team Winners) cooked chipatis and red beans and coconut sauce for the children at Sagail and all us. We weren’t very good at rolling the chipatis into the right shape but we all participated and gave it our best shot! We then proceeded to walk back to Mtwapa along with the groups at Sagail. We said grace and tucked in to the delicious food as cooked by Amina and the Losers.

For the second half of the day, some of us went to build and others went to the schools. Building has very hard and tiring; as there was no shade and we were in blistering sun. We laid down the foundations and mixed cement to hold the bricks together as the building of the walls began.

After two hours of building we walked back to Mtwapa, caught the matattos and rode back to the hotel. We re-packed the care packages to hand out to less fortune families on Sunday. We chilled out at the pool and socialized until dinner.

Joy – hey guys, hope everyone is having a great time back at home, sounds hot, well for you. You would be surprised at how cold it actually is in our occasional hot days. Hi to my family and friends , I hope you are having a great time in Wales , mum and dad, obviously not as good if I am there haha! Eve, Fay and Reggie… I miss you all and can’t wait to see you, post a quick message on the blog pretty please? LOVE JOY!xxxxx

p.s. thanks for the comments everyone, and oh I’m missing you, Soph and Annie, how’s gymnastics;)? Keep them coming I really appreciate them, oh and Rianne don’t worry I won’t get eaten by a lion!:D<3

Charlotte CS – Hi all, hope your all having a great time at home, sounds hot but not as hot as here. Mum, Dad and Tom seen to be doing a lot of sporting actives without me, well done in all of them! I bet the house is quiet, you miss it being loud really. Love you all and miss you Char xoxox

p.s Emily I remembered the wipes, and Mum Will seems to be living round the house, is he trying to take my place?!