The new school roof is up!

Today, we had a slightly earlier start of 6:45am to ensure we were ready for breakfast at 7:15am, and as usual the pancake line was especially long. At 8:00am the very loud and colourful mtattoo’s arrived and we set off on a very bumpy and vocally challenging ride to Mtwapa Academy School; our tactic has come in handy, stick your arm out and wait for the high fives, and even a couple of cuddles here and there. We headed to our routine morning meeting place (the library) and had a little high school musical sing-song, which Joe Bourne enjoyed a bit too much, before going to classes.

As us kids who weren’t cooking went to our classes our teachers began to finish off the very decorative roof project lead by none other than Mr McDonald. Meanwhile, the cooking group cracked on with making our exquisite spag bol at Emily’s house. After two hours of entertaining people in our classes we ventured off to eat our break which consisted of donuts and a variety of different hot drinks.

We then went back to our classes and during this time the teachers completed their almost never ending but successful project, in the rain may we add. To our surprise lunch was ready not on time but… EARLYYY! We tucked in to our delicious lunch that had been prepared by some of our own, may we say they did a fantastic job maybe even better than the spag bol at home ;) Once we’d all got food babies we decided to go work off all those calories by having a jig with all the school children. Of course, we did all their favourites including the one and only Hokie Cokie.

However, the day wasn’t as much as a smooth ride as it seems; we ended up having to wait for our Mtatoo’s for over 30minutes. All of us took advantage of this time by reflecting on our childhood TV songs and giving Miss Smith a very large headache. The Mtatu’s finally showed up and offered us another reckless ride back to the hotel before we separated between the pool and the beach bargaining.

At this very moment our peers are packing more suitcases with donations for another day of sweat, hardwork and maybe even a few tears.

Lois- Dear fam, I’m missing you all too much and I cant wait to come back and tell you all of the amazing things I’ve done. Hope your not having too much fun without me although it must be hard as I’m the funniest in the house! Love you all lots xox

Kayleigh- To all those at home waiting for me to come back :-) I miss you all so much and I love you all tonnes. Even though it is great here I still can’t wait to come back home and give you all headaches with my amazing singing. Miss and love you all lots xxx