What a day!

It’s day 6 and the children are getting cuter by the minute, not that that’s possible though. We got up at 6:45, parents don’t expect us to be doing that at home! We were at breakfast by 7:20 for our daily dose of pancakes and waffles. Shout out to the chef whose name is unknown. We got into the mtattoos, which are very cramped but are a laugh especially when you get waved at by locals through the window. We arrived at the school at around 8:15 ready for the day ahead.

We split off into pairs, myself (Sophie) and my partner in crime (Willow) went to kindergarten. We got a huge welcome from them! They jumped on top of their desks, stomped their feet and chanted “Teacher” at us. We couldn’t help but smile when they were tripping over each other just to touch us! Poor Willow and her frizzy hair got attacked by the children in fascination. We helped teach them maths and taught them our version of ‘ head , shoulders , knees and toe’.

After, we went for a quick break of hot chocolate and some coconut doughnuts that none of us can remember the name of. Sophie and I went to class 1 that she suggested because of her new bestie Bruce. Willow sat at the end of the table with Lewis and I stayed with Bruce, honestly he is adorable!!!! Bless him, he is only 7 and looks after me.

After our lunch of rice and tuna stew, Me, Lois and Joe went upstairs to class 8 while Sophie stayed in class 1 because of Bruce. We were learning a poem and then we started to doodle on paper then all three of us were asked what our names are and the next thing we knew a boy called Brian had drew us a photo each with a funny caption my said “My name is Willow and making my hair is my thing.”

After coming back from the school a small group of us went to the beach and we were like the people off bargain hunt. Willow and I got a picture each which was meant to be 2500 shillings for 650 shillings (have to give credit to Willow’s stubbornness which got us the sale).

We are about to go to dinner and looking forward to exciting activities to come.

Learning lots of new things and loving it here but missing you all massively. Love u all xx

Missing everyone so much, love you all, yes even you Robyn, can’t wait to see you all when I’m back xxx