Day 5: Once again we were woken up at 5:45 by a phone call from Miss Heggs in the morning, after that we had 30 mins to get ready and get down stairs for breakfast. We rushed eating because we had to finish it for 7 but still had plenty.

As we did yesterday we caught the local transport (Matatus) which as always were cramped, noisy, manic and at the same time exciting!! Once we arrived at Kennol,  we collected the water from the Butchers, and began the short, hot trek to MtWapa Academy, where we joined their assembly. Then we quickly got into the daily routine of some groups staying at mtwapa, some Sagail and one group which in this case was Mr Dunmore’s group going to cook lunch.

At Mtwapa, the groups there participated in the lessons, we all went in groups of 2 to the different classes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. We learned lots of things, for example Swahili, maths, science and many other subjects. At break, we interacted with the Kenyan students and after that we joined in with another lesson as before. At lunch, we ate a delicious spaghetti bolagnase.. We all loved it! We again interacted with the kids and then it was time to go.

Those who went to Amina’s house were warmly greeted by amina and her little daughter Gail (who we brought medicine for because she had contracted Malaria and it was likely we saved her life). After peeling Carrots, collecting peas and preparing Garlic and Onion, we took Gail outside to play and the boys in Team we’re better than you( team Dunmore) had a game of football with 3 local boys. And of course we won 13-9!!! We had our lovely lunch then continued with the afternoon classes, making more new friends.

Afterwards, we came back to the pool and produced a play (The Good Samariton) which will with show to the children and teachers at the schools on Friday!

Melissa: Hey everyone (mum, dad, lucy) I miss and love you all lots! Cant wait to see you when I come back but at the same time I don’t want to leave. Kenya is amazing! Whilst I was at Sagail Nursery, the teachers showed me her house and her baby who is only 2 months old! She was so adorable. After she had changed her, the teacher game her baby to me, and I sat holding her for 30 minutes. I loved it even though I got a lot of dribble on me by the end of it!

George: Yo peeps at home, MUM DAD WILL RUBY im missing you all! But im also enjoying everything were doing to help make a difference. Today I helped with the cooking and afterwards played an awesome footie match. Will would have loved it! I’ve already made lots of friends and am anticipating every day. LOVE YOU ALL LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XX